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Thinking about making a choice between Conveyancer & Solicitor?

May 17, 2012

Conveyancer or SolicitorHere are a few tips! Whether you choose to go with a conveyancer or a solicitor when you purchase a home depends on two things: What you are buying the home for and if you have an existing solicitor that you work with. If you don’t have an existing solicitor, it is hard to argue against using cheaper and more-specialized conveyancing services. So what exactly does a conveyancer do?

  • They sort out all of the paperwork you need to finalize a house purchase.
  • They organise building inspections so you know your new home is sound.
  • They order strata reports to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary.
  • These same services are provided by a solicitor, but a conveyancer only offers these services and so they do it best.

Also the main difference (although slight) between using a conveyancer and a solicitor is the price. Usually, solicitors charge slightly more for their services because they offer other advices as well. A conveyancer will usually charge you a standard fee plus any expenses incurred while completing your settlement which is more affordable.

Please contact us for any inquiry on Conveyancing Services @ (02) 9387 2111

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