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Benefits of Property Investment

October 19, 2012

By doing your research and seeking the right information about the benefits of Property Investment, you will be able to maximize the highest financial gain from your investment property.

Property investment is a proven wealth creation strategy and is a secure investment that provides the benefit of regular income as well as capital growth.

Property investment is the most common investment for several reasons;

Security – It can be less volatile than other investments such as shares. Other investments offering similarly high levels of capital growth can often expose you to significant risk.

Capital Growth – You will benefit from capital growth as the value of your property increases over the medium to long term.
Property investors can also receive regular rental income which helps to pay for the investment.

Tax Benefits – Property related expenses are tax deductible therefore reducing the amount of tax you need to pay. Many property investors arrange to have their tax refund paid regularly during the year, thereby increasing their cash flow and maximizing their investment property returns.

Capital Gains Tax – Capital Gains Tax is a complicated area of Property Investment. It is recommended that you obtain specific advice regarding your own personal circumstances as each varies.

National Rental Affordability Scheme – The government aims to encourage increased property investment. Under this Scheme, approved investors can receive regular tax free payments from the State and Commonwealth Governments for renting out properties.

If you keep your investment property for long enough, you will see how these benefits can help you and start turning any financial losses into gains. Your rent will increase and at the same time you will be gradually paying off your mortgage.

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