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Know How to Choose the Right Residential Conveyancing Solicitor

November 16, 2012

Buying and selling property comes with all kinds of legal headaches. If you have      already finalized the property you want to buy, then be prepared to go through the  acid test of conveyancing system. It is three months long process where you would be subjected to complex paper work, legal formalities, stamp duty and registration procedures and most importantly understanding the hidden clauses in the agreement before signing it. If you think you have enough legal knowledge and expertise, then be brave and handle it alone or be wise and hire a smart residential conveyancing solicitor. There are many qualified conveyancers in the market, but to choose the right one is a task. Below are few tips to help you in finalizing the right man for your property dealings-

1) Always look for a specialist who has enough experience in handling similar matters. Opt for someone who specializes in property law, if you want you can check his previous record and customer reviews for verification.

2) Choose a conveyancing firm who can assign a dedicated case worker to you. He might be dealing with a lot of clients, but if he knows his job well then he is the best person for the task.

3) Make sure you hire someone who gives you personalized services and answers your queries with correct information confidently.

4) Choose a residential conveyancing solicitor who provides online services. Entire world is going online and these services will keep you updated even if you are travelling.

5) Property conveyancer should keep you updated about all the legal proceedings in the deal. He should be always available to answer your queries.

6) Opt for the one who can extend the best value for your money. Avoid falling for cheap conveyancing services Cheap is not always good, check the services provided by the conveyancing firm before saying yes. You need to check the company’s credibility in the market to ensure low price quality service factor.

7) You can ask for recommendations from your friends or family members as experience tells best. If not, then check out for professional residential conveyancing solicitors who understands the importance of time lines. Who should be able to conduct property surveys and should be able to make you understand the process step by step in a friendly manner.

8) Finally, always hire a licensed conveyancer for your property matters. Make sure his firm is registered with the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

All the above tips will help you in choosing the right residential solicitor who will assist you and help you in the process of getting your dream home

credits: Kirti Saxena

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