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Commerical Conveyancing Solutions

February 14, 2013


What is Commercial Conveyancing?

Commercial conveyancing can cover a range of businesses, including retail, hospitality, office work and industrial units. It can even extend to agriculture and more. Whatever your area of business you need a business specialized commercial conveyancing solicitor to take care of you rather than a residential conveyancing solicitor. Commercial is generally much more involved than residential and requires much more specific knowledge and vitally, knowledge which is completely up to date.

Different pitfalls appear in commercial conveyancing as opposed to residential, so it is vital that your solicitor is experienced in the field so they know how to avoid any issues that could arise, either at the time of contractual agreement or further into the future. This knowledge will help you avoid time consuming court cases and other financial losses. Negotiations regarding leases are notoriously tricky; a good commercial conveyancing solicitor will make this transaction easier for you. The draft of a lease needs to be well executed to avoid any confusion and any future disputes.

Commercial conveyancing can cover:

  1. Leases and renewal thereof
  2. Buying of property
  3. Selling of property
  4. Sale and acquisition of leases
  5. Guarantees
  6. Rent agreements and deposits
  7. Service charges
  8. Use and licensing of property
  9. Landlord’s consents
  10. General position at end of lease term
  11. General pre-contract inquiries regarding the property
  12. Commercial mortgages

And many more areas of buying, selling and leasing of business property.

It can also cover aspects of shares and assets related to the sale and purchase of businesses themselves. Make sure every aspect of this type of business transaction goes smoothly and employ a brilliant solicitor with a good reputation, with whom you get on with. Being able to communicate well with your solicitor is vital. Experienced solicitors will know common issues and will be able to navigate them rapidly compared to someone with less experience. Avoid financial loss and loss of time by investing in a really good solicitor today. Shop around and find someone who you are completely happy with working with for an extended amount of time and offers a price and package suitable for your needs.


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